The inclusion of the following in "Quotations" should not be viewed as endorsement:    

     James W. Adams writes: "If Adams and Phillips (Connie Adams and H.E. Phillips, dm) consider current debates on the marriage question to be wise and good, fine! That is certainly their right. If they wish to push for them in Searching The Scriptures, fine! That is also their right. I believe them to be neither wise nor constructive in their influence, and I shall continue to oppose them. Must I forfeit the goodwill and fellowship of Phillips and Adams because I do not happen to agree with them relative to this matter…Phillips and Connie Adams seem agitated over my insistence that the marriage question not become a test of fellowship among conservative churches (referring to "desertion being a cause," etc…, dm)" (The Gospel Guardian, Vol. 30 no. 13, 1978, pgs. 301, 301).

     Ken Green Writes: "As for divergent views on divorce and remarriage, they are numerous. Some claim that such is wrong for any reason. Most teach that fornication is a scriptural reason to put away one's spouse and remarry. Many are of the conviction that the abandonment of a believer by an unbeliever is another scriptural cause. Some say that the civil divorce proceedings constitute the putting away of Matt. 19:9. Others believe the putting away is distinct from any civil authority. Some believe that one who has been divorced or put away, regardless of the cause, may never remarry. Others are convinced that an innocent party who has been unjustly and unscripturally divorced may remarry if the other party in the original marriage is guilty of fornication. Some believe that God's marriage laws are addressed only to Christians…Some say that both parties in a divorce that is because of fornication have the right to marry again. Others teach that only the innocent party may scripturally remarry….Now I am not suggesting that such questions are unimportant or unworthy of our study and discussion. I have convictions on most of them. The jury is still out on some of them. But I have learned that if I even get close to thinking that I have all the answers, I soon learn that I haven't even heard all the questions…There seems to be some space for tolerance in this area. Am I overstepping the boundary of good judgment to suggest that we may need to make room for more? After all, we disagree in other areas which are surely as crucial…" (Searching the Scriptures, August, 1989).

     Jim Deason writes regarding the false doctrine advanced by Weldon Warnock regarding mental divorcement: "In the November issue of STS brother Weldon Warnock wrote an article entitled, 'MAY THE GUILTY PARTY REMARRY?' In most of the article brother Warnock did his usual excellent job. However, with part of what he said I want to take exception. Let it be said that I have no personal vendetta…He has been a friend of my family for many years and I count him as such. He can fiddle at my fireside anytime he chooses. I do not consider him a false teacher, but I do believe he is wrong on this point" (Searching the Scriptures, by the way, brother Deason did an excellent job in exposing the fallacy of Warnock's teaching which allows certain people to flagrantly engage in adultery, dm).

     Ed Harrell writes regarding Homer Hailey and his false teachings: "This, then, is my personal defense of Homer Hailey as a man who has earned the respect and esteem of the Christians of our time. Or, more accurately, it is my explanation of why Hailey has won wide esteem among Christians in spite of his views on the subject of divorce and remarriage….Homer Hailey believes that those who are baptized into Christ may remain in their present marital state…(regardless of their adultery, dm.) I have known that Hailey held the view for many years…I do not believe that he is correct…Others, rightly I believe, have decided to use him in spite of the difference….If anyone presumes he can cast Homer Hailey out of the brotherhood, he is wrong….I confess that consistency is a formidable reason why I can work and worship with Homer Hailey in spite of our differences. Are those who attack Hailey as a false teacher ready to make similar judgments about all those who disagree with them on divorce and remarriage…" (Christianity Magazine, November 1988, pg. 6 ff).

     Connie W. Adams (editor of Searching the Scriptures) writes regarding Weldon Warnock's teaching: "Brother Warnock is at perfect liberty to write his column as he sees fit. He has done an outstanding work with it, in my judgment. It is not an easy assignment, requires much time and careful work. For all of that I am most grateful and am sure that every thoughtful reader shares that sentiment. None of those who write for this paper have to agree with this editor on every point to have his material published..." (Searching the Scriptures, February of 1986).