The inclusion of the following in "Quotations" should not be viewed as endorsement:  

     "Luther urged, in opposition to the standard practice of pouring, that baptism should be by immersion. He pointed out that the word in the Greek language means 'to plunge something entirely into the water, so that the water closes over it,' and urged that immersion should be the mode of baptism. Today, however, the general practice of the Lutheran Church is to administer baptism by pouring, although immersion is also permitted" -Hugh Thomson Kerr refers to Martin Luther's teachings, A Compendia of Luther's Theology, pg. 167).

     "Baptism is not essential to salvation, for our churches utterly repudiate the dogma of 'baptismal regeneration;' but it is essential to obedience, since Christ has commanded it. It is also essential to a public confession of Christ before the world, and to membership in the church which is his body. And no true lover of his Lord will refuse these acts of obedience and tokens of affection" - Edward T. Hiscox (Standard Manual for Baptist Churches, pgs. 20, 21). (See Acts 2: 38, dm.)

     "It cannot be proved by the sacred Scriptures that infant baptism was instituted by Christ, or begun by the first Christians after the apostles" - Martin Luther (Vanity of Infant Baptism, pt. 11, pg. 8).

     "What, then, does Christian baptism signify? It is not a washing away of one's sins, because cleansing from sin comes only through faith in Jesus Christ…" - Jehovah's Witnesses (The Truth that Leads to Eternal Life, pgs. 183, 184). "Repentance must precede, but sins not washed away by baptism" -ibid (Make Sure of All Things. 1953, pg. 30).

     "It is most likely that in the Apostolic age when there was but 'one Lord, one faith, and one baptism,' and no differing denominations existed, the baptism of a convert by that very act, constituted him a member of the church, and at once endowed him with all the rights and privileges of full membership. In that sense, 'baptism was the door into the church.' Now it is different…." - Hiscox (Standard Manual for Baptist Churches, pg. 22).

     "Is baptism necessary for salvation? I don't beat about the bush about it at all. I come out with a plain, definite, NO! No, baptism doesn't save, doesn't help save, and I'll go even further to say that it doesn't have anything in this world to do with the saving of the soul" - Edward T. Hiscox (Good News, March 2, 1972). (See I Peter 3: 21, dm.)