"Weekly communions did not die with the apostles and their contemporaries. There is a cloud of witnesses to testify that they were kept up by succeeding Christians with great care and tenderness, for above two centuries. It is not necessary to swell pages with quotations. The fact is indisputable…Communion every Lord's Day was universal, and was preserved in the Greek church till the seventh century…" John Mason, Presbyterian (Letters on Frequent Communion, pgs. 34-38). (See Acts 2: 42 and Acts 20: 7, dm.)

     "The church of Christ composed of baptized believers, does…meet each Lord's day to humn praises unto God and to partake of the supper as was the custom of the apostles" - Tertullian, 204 A.D.

     "I also advise the elders to administer the supper of the Lord every Lord's day" - John Wesley (Letters to America, 1784).

     "All antiquity concurs in evincing that, for the first three centuries, all the churches broke bread once a week" - Alexander Campbell.