The inclusion of the following in "Quotations" should not be viewed as endorsement:   

"Must we label every person who disagrees with us a false teacher, unworthy of fellowship…Clearly, one must consider the honesty of the other person, and his apparent sincerity in following God's directions (Rom. 14: 1-6). We must consider the public effect of the disputed teaching…A false teacher is surely one whose dishonest motives and/or ignorance distinguish him from the sincere brother who has reached an erroneous conclusion…I think I see flaws in brother Hailey's reasoning on the subject of divorce and remarriage, but I have never for a moment doubted his integrity, his character, or his devout desire to please God…He is a great and a good man, and brethren have sought to use him and to honor him. At this late date, he deserves nothing less" - Ed Harrell (Christianity Magazine November, 1988). (Who decides if the motives of the teacher of error are good? There is much inconsistency and hypocrisy seen in this matter, dm.)