The inclusion of the following in "Quotations" should not be viewed as endorsement:   

     Roy Cogdill appeals for churches to help the Akin Foundation: "Most of the readers of this paper know already that the Akin Foundation is in trouble. It is not to advertise this fact but to call attention to the opportunity of all of you have to render a service to the Foundation which has done so much for the spreading of the Gospel and indirectly to the cause of truth and righteous- ness….The 68th district court in which the law suit against the trustees has been filed has granted an injunction against the trustees further distributing any of the funds of the Foundation and has appointed a receiver impounding all the funds coming in….This effort will cost money as any case in court does….What do you think and what will you do about it? Those of you who through the years have been supported by and have participated in its help, what will you do to help preserve it - both churches and individuals are urged to respond" (The Gospel Guardian, Vol. 29, number 7, April 1, 1977). (This quotation is viewed as significant in that the appeal is made for individuals and churches to contribute to the Akin Foundation, dm.)