Evolutionists Speak


     "You must understand that we don't preach godlessness as such in the school. There is no need for it. We explain the laws of the natural development of the world and we give a scientific explanation of the facts of the universe. In the senior classes we teach the foundations of Darwinism." (A Russian Newspaper, cited by The Listener, Vol. 43, March 30 1950.)

     "It is thus very evident that there is no similarity between the ideal of Evolution and that of Creation; it is all contrast. The two terms are antonyms; they are mutually exclusive; no mind can entertain a belief in both at the same time; when one notion is believed, the other is thereby denied and repudiated." -G.M. Price (Cited by Ramm, The Christian View of Creation, pg. 281).

     "If man evolved, the process was gradual and there never was a first pair of human beings distinct from the animal kingdom. If man evolved and there never was a first pair of human beings, then the Biblical account of the fall of man is not true but is a myth or an allegory. If man evolved, we are getting better and what is called sin is just a remnant of selfish animal nature. If man evolved, Christ was just a reformer and not the Redeemer; he was a martyr and not the Savior. Then the Christian religion becomes a code of ethics and not the way of eternal life through a risen Lord. As Paul said, 'If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable' (I Cor. 15: 19)." -Bolton Davidheiser, Doctorate in Zoology with a specialty in Genetics, (Evolution and the Christian Faith, pg. 11.)

     "The hypothesis of Evolution supposes that in all this vast progression there would be no breach of continuity (that is, Divine intervention), no point at which we could say: this is a natural process and this is not a natural process….It is clear that the doctrine of Evolution is directly antagonistic to that of creation….Evolution if consistently accepted, makes it impossible to believe the Bible." -Huxley, (American Addresses, pg. 10.)

     "Theistic evolution, then, is a contradiction in terms. To maintain that evolution can be theistic is as inconsistent as to claim that falsehood can be true." -Higley (Cited by Ramm, The Christian View of Creations, pg. 281.)