An Examination of Earrings and Body Piercing


     Introduction:  The Christian must not be a slave to style. All fashions should be examined to determine any resident meaning and symbolism. The Christian is to shun the world and worldly influences (I Jn. 2: 15, 16, Rom. 12: 1, 2).

I. Identification of the genders.

  A. We are well into the gender free movement in America. There are indeed decided efforts to confuse gender, male and female distinction.

  B. The Bible teaches against such confusion (Deut. 22: 5). Even in a culture where clothing, etc., was similar among the male and female, clear distinction was taught (Ibid.). Paul wrote, "Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him"? (I Cor. 11: 14.) Long hair, however, is appropriate for the female (vs. 15).

  C. Along with the confusion of gender has come the intermingling of the roles of men and women (cp. I Cor. 11: 3, Eph. 5: 22 ff.). Earrings are typically and traditionally associated with the female. However, today men of all ages are seen with either one or two earrings.

  D. Earrings worn by the male are not without meaning. The earring in the right ear only, identifies the homosexual; the left ear only, a male stud or fornicator, and both ears, a bi-sexual person (some say).

II. Body piercing is becoming more popular.

  A. A young female waitress assisted us who had a speech impairment, I thought. My wife informed me that the tongue ring she wore affected her speech.

  B. Navel rings (of course, they have to parade this piercing), lip and eyebrow rings are becoming more common.

    a. The Law of Moses forbid cuttings that were evidently performed out of grief. Would not such piercing as mentioned today fall under the heading of body mutilation? (cp. Lev. 19: 28.)

III. It is good that we adorn our bodies in the right way.

  A. I Tim. 2: 9.  However, much of what is in vogue today is not something with which the Christian should identify.

  B. Heavy metal rock music (culture) is responsible for many styles, including also earrings, body piercing, and tattoos.

     Conclusion:  The Christian must be ever conscious of the messages he sends in his speech, appearance, and mannerism. Earrings regarding the male and body piercing on male and/or female is not becoming to the Christian.