How about suicide?


      Introduction: There are many issues today relative to human life. Abortion and euthanasia are two such issues. Many believe man should have the legal and moral right to dispose of unwanted babies. Others believe that the aged who are no longer productive should be disposed of. And there are those who contend man should have the legal (especially assisted suicide) and moral right to dispose of himself, suicide.

I. Suicide, a fact of society.

  A. In spite of our increased standard of living and health care, suicide continues. In fact, during the holiday season murder and suicide abound. Suicide continues to be one of the main killers the teens.

  B. Many are looking in the wrong places for substance of life and the needed answers to questions.

    a. Some look to riches (I Tim. 6: 5-11; Lk. 12: 15, Eccl. 2: 4-11).

    b. Some look to secular wisdom (I Cor. 3: 18-21, Eccl. 1: 12-15).

    c. Some seek pleasure to satisfy (Heb. 11: 25, Eccl. 2: 1-3, 11).

    d. Many seek the answers to life in the doctrines of men (Matt. 15: 1-14).

II. Man does not have the authority to take human life.

  A. Murder – whether of babies, aged, or of self – is sinful (Rev. 21:8).

    a. Man is made in the image of God" (Gen. 1:26,27). Hence, there is legislation against taking human life, except in a lawful, judicial sense (Gen. 9:6).

    b. When one was about to commit suicide, Paul told him, "…Do thyself no harm" (Acts 16:28). Paul then preached the gospel to him (Acts 16: 30 ff.).

III. Suicide indicates a state of utter despair.

  A. Some take their own life because of extreme loneliness. Some because they believe they have no reason to live. Others kill themselves because of a situation with which they deem impossible to cope.

  B.God is the remedy for the causes of suicide.

    a. God can displace loneliness with his presence (Eph. 2:12-22).

    b. He gives reason for life (Eccl. 12:13).

    c. He offers solutions to dire circumstances (Phili. 4:13, 6, Lk. 18: 1; Acts 2: 38).

    d. God will also remove excessive awareness of self – the major cause of suicide and provide courage (Lk. 9:23, Acts 18: 9, 10).

     Conclusion: My friend, God offers the very opposite of the climate of self-destruction. "For he that will love life, and see good days…" (I Pet. 3:10).