Online Bible Study Aids

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     On this page, I am attempting to have for your use some of the best study aids on the Internet.  I plan on adding sites as I discover them.  The Internet has tremendous potential and is daily increasing.  I encourage you to use the subsequent aids to enhance your study of the Book of books.  Remember, though, these works are not inspired; hence, are not infallible.

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ball for links.jpg (807 bytes)Albert Barnes Commentary   This set of commentaries is the first that I purchased as a teenager.  I did without cold drinks and snacks, etc. at my work for about a year to purchase this set (the New Testament). 

ball for links.jpg (807 bytes)Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words  This study aid features word exposition in a simple fashion that does not present a linguistical challenge to the non-Greek student.

ball for links.jpg (807 bytes) A. T. Robertson's Word Pictures of the New Testament  Dr. Robertson has made numerous Greek contributions to be used by the serious Bible student.  His Word Pictures is a six volume set that contains much useful material.  We are pleased to offer the online work. 

ball for links.jpg (807 bytes)Smith's Bible Dictionary  This acclaimed and classical work has over 4, 500 subject entries.    Smith's Bible Dictionary was introduced in the 1860's.

ball for links.jpg (807 bytes) People's New Testament Commentary  This commentary was produced in 1891.  It is especially designed for the beginner.  Barton Warren Johnson was considered to be an outstanding preacher, editor, and writer in the Restoration Movement during the Nineteenth Century.   

ball for links.jpg (807 bytes)Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary on the Bible This work was completed in 1706.  Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary treats every verse of the entire Bible.

ball for links.jpg (807 bytes)Online Study Bible  Select "standard translations" and search the American Standard, New American Standard, King James, and the New King James translations of the Bible, some of the greatest translations ever rendered.  You can copy and paste the verses or the chapters.

ball for links.jpg (807 bytes)Strong's Exhaustive Concordance.  Strong's Exhaustive Concordance is one of the most complete ever produced.  Simply type in a word into the search component and find its occurrences in Holy Writ (select the option that allows you to search with Strong's Concordance).  This concordance is an excellent word study tool as well.

ball for links.jpg (807 bytes)Nave's Topical Bible  This work was originally published in the early 1900's and consists of 20, 000 plus topics and 100, 000 references to the scriptures.

ball for links.jpg (807 bytes)Torrey's New Topical Textbook   Used in conjunction with Nave's Topical Bible Torrey's work is a good tool.  It is simple and easy to use.  Just type in a key word and Torrey's New Topical Textbook will present it's findings in a topical presentation.

ball for links.jpg (807 bytes) There is a site now published to the Internet that provides much information pertaining to Greek grammar, etc.  Just place your cursor on the desired word in the biblical text and discover the relevant grammatical status of the word.  Click on the following to visit the site:    

Find a church   If you are seeking to find a scriptural church in your area, check out this site.  While I cannot personally verify the soundness of many of these local churches, it is a starting place.