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     We again welcome you to Bible Truths.  Since Bible Truths is already a moderately large site and growing, the following site map or index should help you navigate and fully explore the different facets, features, and sections of Bible Truths.  To simplify matters, the following table contains the different features and navigational hyperlinks.  There is also a brief explanation below the table to assist you in your travels through this site.  We trust you will visit many times (make us one of your favorites).  New material is regularly added.  Also, you may print out material or copy and paste material to share with others via e-mail. Bible Truths is a registered site, however, and I would appreciate notification and a request for permission to use any of the material found herein for publication (email me).  All material in this site is mine, unless otherwise stated (Don Martin).

     If you appreciate the scripturalness and honesty characteristic of the writings in Bible Truths, check out my books in the Kindle Store, Amazon . Com.  I have a series of E-books published and marketed by Kindle titled Bible Study 102:  At this time (February, 2014), there are about twelve books in the Bible Study 102: series.  Some full titles are:  Bible Study 102:  Elders and Deacons; Bible Study 102:  Local Church Government; Bible Study 102: Man's Salvation; Bible Study 102:  Bible Miracles; and Bible Study 102:  The Grace of God, to name a few.  The least Kindle will allow (I am under contract with Kindle) the electronic books under the series contract to be priced is $2. 99.  However, there are promotions run by Kindle for less, some even free.  All you need to down load these books is a Kindle reader or a device with a Kindle app.  There are two stand alones, titled, "Upon This Rock" and "Birth of Bible."  I plan on adding more books to the list, Lord willing.  To locate the series, type in "Bible Study 102:" and/or "Don Martin."

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About Bible Truths.  This page provides some history as to the inception and evolution of Bible Truths.

Meet Don Martin.  Some who have visited Bible Truths have asked for a personal page.  This is my way of introducing myself to you.  I would like to meet you personally, but that is not always possible; hence, this page.

Current Truth.  This page changes every month, as a rule.   The current truths found on this page are especially relevant and address our needs.

Current Truth Questions.  This page also changes every month.  I have been involved in many question/answer situations.  On this page, I anticipate questions that you may have after reading the current truth.  I provide answers to these questions.

Archives and Index.  The archives page is vital to accessing all the material found in Bible Truths.  Scroll down to the subject index and click on the topic you wish to explore.  You may also simply scroll down to a list of the subjects treated in Bible Truths.

Archives Search.  The archives search component searches every word found in Bible Truths.  Hence, if you want to do a study on "marriage," just type in "marriage" and click on the search.  This search features a rating system.  Each article is searched to determine how many occurrences of the desired word are found within the article.  The more occurrences, the higher the rating.

Great Truths.  This page serves as a library for a number of articles that are fundamental and foundational in nature.  They are the great truths of the Bible.

Online Bible Study Course.  This is an eight lesson course that covers the Bible.  Read the study material, fill in the forms, and submit the form to be graded and returned.  This course is an excellent study opportunity!  The course has been carefully written to be moderate in difficulty.

Online biblical Greek Course.  This is also an eight lesson course that introduces the student to biblical Greek.  I have endeavored to simplify this course as much as I possibly could and still present the basic grammar of New Testament Greek.  This is not just a grammar study but emphasizes study Greek from a practical New Testament perspective.  There are a total of one hundred and sixty test questions that you submit and receive a grade. 

Polemic Exchanges.  This page contains exchanges that I have conducted with a host of individuals, among them some very well known preachers. These exchanges cover a number of issues that are of interest to Bible students. Some of my initial studies were polemic in nature.  I read every book containing polemic exchanges I could find.  I think you will find this material helpful. 

Quotations.  This is a frames page containing many ancient and current quotes of interest.  Quotes on denominationalism, instrumental music, and evolution are a few found in this collection.

Poems/Humor.  This is also a frames page.   There is humor and material that will bring tears to your eyes in this section.

Online Bible Study Aids.  I have attempted to create an online religious library on this page.  There are some good Bible dictionaries, commentaries, concordances that you can use online.

Page of Links.  This page, as well as others, will be constantly developed, as time permits.

Study of Cults.  Cults are on the rise in America.   This page addresses cults and offers links to some good material on cults.

Home Page.  This internal link returns you to the home page of Bible Truths.  The home page is the official entry to Bible Truths and the map page.

Email Don Martin.  From this page you can email me.  I would love to hear from you and learn how you are using Bible Truths.

Sermon Outlines.  This section is a compilation of sermon outlines.  Most of them are original.   There are two basic types of outlines:  full and complete and the more skeletal types.  These two groups are separated or divided by a sprite on the page. 

PowerPoint Sermons.  There is already a large collection of PowerPoint sermons.  These are designed for ease of use and are free.  Just download them to your computer. 

     Remember Bible Truths is a growing site.   Make Bible Truths your favorite and visit often.  You can help by telling others of Bible Truths